During times of uncertainty, great organizations thrive and emerge stronger because they do four differential things:

  • They transition fear and uncertainty into engagement.
  • They engage in high-trust action with all stakeholders.
  • They put a massive focus on the most critical activities and avoid the thick of thin things.
  • They execute with excellence.

Within this unpredictable times, Dunamis Organization Services seek to enable greatness in people and organization by embedding those four powerful principles and equip people with tools and resources necessary to help organization improve their performance.

Using proven content and research, reinforced with multiple modalities, this proposal is delivered to make enabling greatness happen.


Whether your leaders and learners are finding themselves working from home, or still coming to the office, we’re hearing from various organizations that they are looking for content, tools, and instruction to help everyone in their organization focus and manage through change. Skills, like the following, have never been more important:

  • Proactivity and Resilience during hard times;
  • Leading Team Through Turbulent Time;
  • Building High-Trust Relationships with all remote stakeholders;
  • Maintaining productivity through virtual tools;
  • Deliver highly successful project with Remote Teams; and
  • Improve Communication and Collaborations with Remote Teams.

To that end, we curated some of the most powerful content and helpful tools, delivered using virtual learning methodologies that offers higher flexibility in the upcoming days, weeks, or even months

Dunamis Live Online Program Details:

Choose Proactive Response During Hard Time
Duration: 1,5 hours
Category: Leadership
Target: All Levels
Number of Participants: Max 30 pax/batch

Move from a state of reactivity to proactivity and gain greater control while keeping your level of stress manageable.

Work on what you can influence, turn these challenges into opportunity to expand your influence in the ways you never done before.

Ensure you have the emotional agility to flex and adjust when business demands require it.

Fire Up Your Energy
Duration: 1,5 hours
Category: Productivity
Target: All Levels
Number of Participants: Max 30 pax/batch


Working from home trends uncover new paradox, either you are underproductive and distracted; or you experienced burnout of enjoying nonstop working hours.

Without any wise energy management, it may bring negative impact both for short-term productivity or long-term sustainability. Every effective individuals should know some of little yet significant activities to fuel up our energy at home.

Building High-Trust Relationship
Duration: 1,5 hours
Category: Leadership
Target: 1st Line Manager to Senior Managers
Number of Participants: Max 30 pax/batch


Trust is required more than ever, the foundation to survive and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.

Put empathy first, intent counts more than technique in virtually building trust with people. When trust is high, so does the economic impact.

Building Skills of Productivity
Duration: 2 x 1,5 hours (same day)
Category: Productivity
Target: All Levels
Number of Participants: Max 30 pax/batch


Working in a non-traditional office environment can be an adjustment. Learn planning techniques that can result in even greater productivity. It can be difficult to manage disruptions, and productivity can easily decrease.

Capitalize on having more time to devote to your highest priorities by learning techniques to maintain focus, minimize interruptions, and more.

Revamp Teamwork during Remote Work
Duration: 2 x 1,5 hours (same day)
Category: Leadership
Target: All Levels
Number of Participants: Max 30 pax/batch


Communicating clearly with your team is more important than ever in times of change and uncertainty.

Increase your ability to communicate and influence others by developing a deep understanding of their needs and perspectives.

Achieve Results during Turbulent Times
Duration: 2 x 1,5 hours (same day)
Category: Execution
Target: 1st Line Manager to Senior Manager
Number of Participants: Max 30 pax/batch


It’s very likely to see strategies are crumbling, dropping morale, and performance falling short not long after unpredictable situation occurred. These conditions are inevitable.

However, most of the problems are not because wrong strategies. It is often of breakdown in focus and discipline to thrive in the midst of crisis. Leaders are the key drivers, they can set the tone to champion the execution, or being part of the victim and not doing many corrective actions.

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