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We are the pioneer in Knowledge Management (KM) services in Indonesia. We have started delivery KM solutions since early 2000 and has become the licensee partner of Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Study in Indonesia since 2005. We use MAKE Framework as our KM model and The 9 Competencies To Build Knowledge Management Services from Knowhouse -our strategic partner in South Africa, a global consulting firm that has focused on KM and Learning experience since 1998 - as our worldclass approaches.


Knowledge Management Solutions:


KM Training




KM Consulting and Coaching


  • KM Diagnostics
  • The 9 Competencies To Build KM Capabilities:
  1. Competence Networking (Expert Locators)
  2. Creating a culture of knowledge exchange through conversation (Communities of Interest)
  3. 'Learning before doing' as risk mitigation (Peer Assists)
  4. Sharing learning while doing as the basis for career success (Shared Learning)
  5. Learning from every delivery cycle as a crucial 3rd outcome of every initiative (Project Retrospectives)
  6. Strategic collaboration (Communities of Practice)
  7. Using technology appropriately (Technological enablement)
  8. Accessing all organizational behavior drivers to encourage collaboration and learning (Change Management Processes)
  9. Allowing capability strategies to drive delivery strategies (Integrating Business and Knowledge Strategies)