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5. Execution Tools :
    * my4dx.com

My4DX.com is a web - based so ware interface designed to run The 4 Disciplines of Execu2on. It's a Technology interface for the 4 Disciplines of Execution
My4dx.com especially designed to helps Client in order to maintain scoreboards, cadence in holding your WIGs meeting as well the WIGs agenda, also supporting the team to stick to their weekly commitment.

My4dx.com ensures that they will be able to maintain this discipline over time. It provides a simple way to run the process and reload again for new goals and new measures.

Outcomes my4DX.com :
1. Establishes the technology interface for the 4DX process.
2. Improves process adherence.
3. Provides simple and easy maintenance of 4DX.
4. Creates visibility of team and organizational WIGs, lead measures, and goals.
5. Produces more effective WIG sessions and allows for remote users.
6. Increases personal accountability and engagement.


1. Simplifies the WIG session.

the best way to create an engaging WIG session is to have visibility on the scoreboard and connection to the weekly activities. Whether the team is all together or spread out all over the world, My4dx.com allows you to bring the team together on one application. during the WIG session, My4dx.com allows each team member to be able to see the prior week's commitments for all other team members. the WIG session is the process for driving The 4 Disciplines work, and My4dx.com makes the WIG session work!

2. Creates organizaMonal visibility and accountability.

As a leader, you have a simple way of being able to see your results in real time. You can easily see all the cause-and-effect relationships anywhere in your organization. You can see the status of the high-level WIGs down to the front-line team WIGs. You can also see the lag and lead measures in a quick, easy-to-understand form.

My4dx.com allows you to know where you are winning and where you are losing.

3. Sustains The 4 Disciplines.My4dx.com is an operating system for driving your most important goals. My4dx.com allows you to easily isolate the key variables in the execution process that are off-track, so you can coach team members on closing the key gaps.

•  User Training program (in-house)
•  Dura9on : 0,5 day
•  Target Par9cipants: daily computer user and has trained the 4DX