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Coaching/Performance Coaching is a Discipline 4, this is an important process of the implementation to keep the cadence of Accountability of each team.

A Dunamis Consultant visit and meet with the Champion and Coach (half-day visit) for eight weeks following the scoreboard review to ensure each sub-team is executing. This is valuable for the Coach and Champion as they become the key to ongoing execution of the teams. Dunamis’s intent is to transfer 100% of the capability to your managers and leaders so you are 7 habits not dependent on consultants for years to come.


Each leader should perform the lead measures and conduct the weekly WIG Session uninterruptedly. For each coaching session, the Client can optimize the time by setting appropriate schedule of WIG Session and the coaching session. During this period the Champion is required to held and lead the Quarterly Summits, where the Certified Manager/Team Leaders will present the progress that they make in the sense of 4DX implementation. They can report the challenges that they face as well and the plan to address those challenges.


Develop clear, measurable performance objectives aligned to the team goals.
Assess team  WIG Session effectiveness and results.
Align business-unit team goals, measures, and scoreboards to drive the right outcomes and results.
Develop peer-to-peer accountability processes.
Improve focus, collaboration, communication, trust, and decision making of Team Leader, Internal coach and Champion.

Consulting program
Duration     : 2 - 4 hours (embed in certification track)
Days         : min. 4 days (8 visits) 
Attendees     : Internal Coach, Team Leader & key member.
Consultant will join clients group WIG Session

This session only recommended for Client that has been implementing the 4DX and completed the certification process


The main purpose of this session is to Meet half-day with Champion and coach to track progress, ensure compliance, etc.

Every team must have :
WIG and Lead Measure
Attended by team Leader and internal Coach