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Help the executive level to define and align their top three goals, and ratify to their all employees

Target Audience:
New and existing clients
Executive level

One days session (max 6 Executive level)
Conducted after Pre-call and before Manager Certification
Workshop to define WIG, from top to bottom (No handout)
Translate complex strategic intents in the very specific set of self explanatory finish lines
Rp 30 juta per day facilitated by RPL/Consultant

Clear accountability
Increasing morale
Increasing engagement

This activity is aimed to get and confirm the high level of WIG's (organizational, division, group, department, etc) above the little "b" level. Other benefit that the organization will gain is the whole team, from the top to the frontline will be on the same page when they are discussing about the 4DX. During the implementation the team leaders will find fewer obstacles as the management team gives the full support and commitment hence less whirlwinds will be created by their leaders


4DX Overview
Determine the War(s)
Define "From X to Y by When" for the War(s)
Define the Fewest Battles
Define "From X to Y by When" for all Battles


Consulting program
•  Duration     : 2 hours (embed in certification track)
•  Duration    : 1 – 2 days for Goal Alignment
•  Participants    : Key Leadership, Champion and Coach


The main purpose of this session is to clarify the strategy with the high level leader(s) and to narrow the focus of the execution. This session, also will facilitate the senior management team discover the high level WIG’s and cascade them down to the lowest unit in the organization as well.
Every team produce :
•  a draft of 1 WIG of
•  every Directorate level
•  a draft of 3 Main
•  Problems/issues of Corporate Wide