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The 6 Most important Decisions You’ll Ever Make workshop helps students work through the following important and life changing questions:


  1. What are you going to do about your education?
  2. What type of friends will you choose and what kind of friend will you be?
  3. Are you going to get along with your parents?
  4. Will you have healthy dating relationships?
  5. What will you do about smoking, drinking, drugs and other addictive stuff?
  6. Will you choose to like yourself?


The Decision Is Yours is flexible enough to fit within any classroom or school wide schedule.

The Decision is Yours Activity Guide for Teens

The Decision Is Yours Activity Guide For Teens helps students reflect on their everyday lives and develop skills to deal with life’s most important decisions.

“ My teacher gave me this book to work on in class; but I loved it so much, I asked if I could take it home! It really makes me think, but it’s fun too.” - Anita, 16 Birmingham, MS

Throughout the program, 45 five-minute student activities are based on powerful concepts behind The 6 Most important Decisions You’ll Ever Make. Students can complete the activities independently, or with teacher instruction, making the most of instructional time and providing students with tools to deal with life changes choices.

The activity guide follows a well-researched instructional-design cycle and is simple enough to be completed by students in a self-directed manner. Teachers and administrators have indicated the activity guide is ideal for use in a variety of ways:


  • Daily over a nine-week period.
  • Two to three times per week over a semester.
  • One or two times per week over the course of a school year.
  • At the teacher’s discretion within a specified time frame.



The Decision Is Yours Annotated Teacher’s Edition

This edition further distills the key concepts and offers optional classroom discussion and activity extensions based on the student activity guide. Also included is a Pre-Test/Post-Test and Learning Checklist for student evaluation.

“ Even though I’m assigning it as homework, my kids return telling me the 6 Decisions is accessible and interesting. ‘Relevant to kids like me,’ is what they say. The conversations that come out of this book are crucial and, unfortunately, they’re not happening enough. This workbook helps get the discussion going.” – Brad, TeacherNoble School, Chicago IL


The Decision Is Yours Poster Set

The colorful poster set can be used to create a positive learning environment that encourages personal leadership in your students! They provide strong visual support for the concepts behind The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make. Each 2’ x 3’ poster focuses on a decision, poses a question for the student to reflect upon, and presents a learning model.