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How do you engage students in developing critical character and life skills relevant to 21st century challenges? Many educators struggle to implement character education with the demands of teaching core subjects and preparing students for high-stakes testing. How do you balance these objectives without increasing teacher work load?



Short, concise lessons used daily or weekly teach teens the skills they need to succeed- both in and out of the classroom. Based on the concepts found within the best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, The Choice is Yoursactivity guide introduces students to critical personal leadership skills they’ll find useful throughout their lives. Utilizing fun and straightforward activities, students are encouraged to express themselves in thoughtful and creative ways, while reflecting on their approach to everyday situations and choices. The activity guide follows a well-researched instructional design cycle and is simple enough to be completed by students in a self-directed manner, leaving teachers free to accomplish other tasks – at the beginning of class, or whenever they need a few extra minutes to prepare.

About the Activity Guide

There are 9 content areas in The Choice Is Yours activity guide. Within each of the 9 content areas are 5 groups of activities (for a total of 45 activities). Each group of activities follows the 4MAT® Instructional Design. This well-researched design effectively teaches to different learning types as follows:


  • Activity 1 - every “activity 1” allows the student to connect the concept to their own life, making it personal and to capture interest.
  • Activity 2 - every “activity 2” allows for creative thinking, leading students to blend emotional and cognitive reflections and achieve a broader view of the concept.
  • Activity 3 - every “activity 3” is content-heavy, involving reading and writing exercises.
  • Activity 4 - every “activity 4” is for application of the content in one’s life.
  • Activity 5 - every “activity 5” is a commitment to action around using the content.