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A Learning Center specially built to create an environment which is conducive for a group of people to sit, discuss and share ideas among them. It is a secluded place which is only three kilometers from the Ciawi intersection at the entrance of puncak. It's perfect for your training's, and suitable for any of your corporate events.


World recognized training such as 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is one of the powerful training usually run in this facility. The atmosphere will en  sure that you optimize the impact of your event.

Griya Dunamis is not a boot camp, nor a resort. It was conceived as more of a common retreat for company training. It has a natural yet comfortable surroundings, conducive for learning and contemplation.


You decide what best suits your needs...


A blend of rich architecture and majestic Mount Salak breathtaking panorama, orchestrated by the peaceful sound of water flows across the property.


In this peaceful facility you will be served healthy and tasty food. We also recommend that you bring your walking shoes and casual outdoor outfit so that you can sharpen your saw not only mentally, spiritually and social-emotionally but also physically.


Contact us to receive your special privilege of sharing this excellent property at your convenience. Or simply call us to arrange an inspection tour to the facility and let us show you how we can best serve your needs.


Our credo/mission statement is Griya Dunamis Bersinar" ("Shining") Bersih, Indah, Nyaman, Aman & Ramah (Clean, Nice, Comfortable, Safe & Friendly).   



  • 3 exclusive Twin bedrooms
  • 8 exclusive Triple bedrooms
  • Hot/Cold Water Shower
  • Meeting Room
  • Audio-video
  • Jogging and walking track
  • Gazebo for small group breakaway sessions
  • Free laundry for underclothing and clothes without any special care


To better assist you to know more about Griya Dunamis, receive a visual digital images by contacting :


Ahmad Misbahudin

Griya Coordinator - Griya Dunamis

Tel: 0878 70260091/ 0251 - 8257131

Email: ahmad@dunamis.co.id

Address: Kampung Pasir Angin Rt. 002/04 Desa Pasir Angin, Kecamatan Mega Mendung, Kabupaten Bogor 16770