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Founded in 1991, Dunamis Organization Services is an Indonesian professional services firm with a mission to "enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere".

Since 1992, Dunamis Organization Services becomes a licensee partner of Franklin Covey Co.. (NYSE: FC), a global consulting and training leader in the areas of strategy execution, customer loyalty, leadership and individual effectiveness.

In 2012, Dunamis Organization Services also becomes a licensee partner of VitalSmarts, an innovator in corporate training which using a proven method for driving rapid, sustainable and measurable change in behaviors.

Dunamis Organization Services handles a cross section of multinational, national and government institutions across the country.

Dunamis Organization Services provides world-class solutions include Leadership & Trust, Productivity & Sales Performance, Execution, VitalSmarts Skills, Organizational Alignment (Knowledge Management, Corporate Culture & Research), Human Capital System and Education.

Dunamis, berasal dari bahasa Yunani yang berarti suatu bakat manusia yang unik dan istimewa -
“kemampuan untuk memilih dan bertindak atas pilihan tersebut secara bertanggung jawab”